26 June - 31 August 2023

2023 UST Global Mentoring Conference


Lecture Categories(23.6.27. - 8.31., KST)

We provide a list of lectures in four categories broadly grouped by subject, to help participants find lectures related to their own research interests. Click the link below to see the detailed list of lectures.

Ⅰ. Life, Health, and Brain Sciences (일자별 접수)

Ⅱ. Materials, Energy, Environment, and Machinery (일자별 접수)

Ⅲ. Earth, Space, and Physics (일자별 접수)

Ⅳ. Information, Communication, and Innovation (일자별 접수)

Opening Session(23.6.26. 09:00 - 11:00, KST)

We have organized an opening session prior to the individual Global Mentoring sessions. This is a more general session compared to the discipline-focused sessions, and is designed for students of all majors to attend, focusing on global career development and the growth of science and technology professionals. Please attend the opening session and experience a great start to the two-month Global Mentoring experience.

Sandia National Laboratories(US)

Harvard University (US)

About the Conference

The University of Science and Technology (UST) is a graduate school in South Korea that has given 32 government-funded research institutes an educational function in order to cultivate talented leaders in science and technology. We have been holding the UST Global Mentoring Conference since 2021 to facilitate our graduate students’ career growth and initiate international collaboration despite the COVID-19 pandemic. Experts from research institutes, academia, and industry from around the world will mentor UST students to share their experiences and knowledge through online lectures and advising. We hope this conference will serve as an opportunity for students, faculty, and global researchers to develop their insights and research networks.


UST Center for Excellence in Education (cee@ust.ac.kr)